DMARC Analysis as a Service


This new service can help you identifing the attempts to spoof your brand and deceive your valued customers.

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Chart of the number of dispositions(*)

(*) データは2018年12月時点の DMARC/25 観測結果

Chart of the number of reporters(*)

(*) データは2018年12月時点の DMARC/25 観測結果

Chart of the the number of reporters by country(*)

(*) データは2019年3月の DMARC/25 観測結果

Chart of the number of DKIM selectors(*)

(*) データは2018年10月時点の DMARC/25 観測結果

Monitor Spoofing Emails

Identify email spoofing campaigns promptly, allowing you to issue early warnings to your customers and reduce impact to them.

Reduce Costs to Analyze

Reduce the amount of time and effort spent on spoofing detection, allowing you to reduce operational expenditure.

Satisfy Your Customers

You can improve your customer's satisfaction by promoting your activities against spoofing emails.

Spoofing of enterprise and e-commerce domains is becoming a serious problem !

The impact caused by spoofing emails and malware, viruses and phishing emails that steal personal information, is growing year on year.


Financial Institutions

Attackers send customers fake account, security or password notifications in order to get their account information, personal information and login information.


E-commerce Sites

Attackers misdirect the customers to a phishing site for confirmation of their registered information in order to get their credit card number, personal information and login information.



Attackers try to misdirect the customers to a phishing site to request redelivery of their packages.

A Spoofing email

Spoofed email domains are not distinguishable at first sight.

Legitimate Email


The sender is sending an email using their own address as the from-address.

Spoofed Email


An unauthorized third party is sending an email using your address as the from-address.

Sophisticated Spoofing Emails

Phishing techniques are too sophisticated to distinguish easily.
It's quite important not allow sending spoofing emails.


How can we disrupt them ?

There are already several techniques for prevention.
You are able to adopt these techniques in your mail system today,
with NO license and NO investment.


Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a technique for sender authentication which was developed by Mr. Meng Wong, and which allows mail receivers to detect it and verify the legitimateness of internet email.


DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a technique for sender authentication which can check for tampering with the sender domain or mail data.


Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is a technique in which domain administrators announce their policies, about how the receiver side should deal with spoofed emails deteced with existing sender authentication techniques such as SPF and DKIM.

We'd like to help you flexibly adopt SPF, DKIM and DMARC into your mail environment,
so please don't hesitate to contact us.

With DMARC/25
you can detect and visualize spoofed emails!

Using DMARC/25, you can report, analyze and visualize details of emails sent to your customers
using providers that have adopted DMARC(*)
* Gmail, Microsoft and other providers have adopted DMARC as of June 2017.

分析集計が大変 DMARC/25が分析集計





Operators can confirm past and current impacts with easy to use dashboards which visualize DMARC information.

So what can you find out? For example;

Status of conformance
All status of sent email's conformance


Spoofed Mail Situation Reports
Visualizations of the spread of spoofed email


DMARC compliance status
Status of each indivisual mail server


So what is the impact of adoption?

There won't be any impact to your current servers and systems at all.

If your domains have already adopted SPF, DKIM and DMARC, you're able to get started promptly.
Even if they haven't, we can flexibly help you take the necessary steps, from redesigning your current systems to consulting on operational issues.

From 100 recipients to 10 million recipients

We have experience wht large scale communications systems like a major bank and a major e-commerce company.

Please leave it to TwoFive!

Our company has dealt with email security for many years.
We developed DMARC/25 from the ground up as a cloud service for the enterprise use though consulting with various customers.

We're actively working overseas.

Our company and engineers actively participate in overseas efforts like M3AAWG(*), and support you with the latest technology.

We're working hard at a national level as well.

In Japan we're working against spoofed emails through activities as a member of JADAC and Internet Association Japan.

You can get started just 1 week.

Once you contact us, we'll inform you of the service's details, prices and so on. After the formalities are completed you're able to use our service within 1 week.

* M3AAWG(Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group)
M3AAWG is a working group, which consists of 200 telecommunication carriers, ISP and organizations in the email industry, and which discusses the measures against various email threats, such as malware, spam, viruses and DoS attacks.

Please contact us
for estimates, service information and any questions.

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